My name is Jan and I love cruising in my aircooled VWs. Hence the name: JanGoesPlaces. On JanGoesPlaces I share my adventures with my bug and split window bus.

You will find me camping in my vintage bus or roadtripping in my bug. I'll be at car shows and meets or driving at weddings or other events. 

I am based in the German speaking part of Switzerland, not far from Zurich so you'll see me in the Swiss Alps, the Black Forrest in Germany, Alsace in France or anywhere in between.

My adventures with the aircooled VWs are mostly documented on Instagram. Make sure to follow me on Instagram. My handle is: @jangoesplaces 

Hang around to find out more about me and my love for aircooled VWs. 


About the BUS

About the BUG


Do you do collaborations or product placements?

Yes! But only for products that I am convinced of and use myself. I also do shoutouts and announcements. So let me know If I can help you promote your product, service or event. Collaborations should in no way be of any nuisance to my followers.

Do you promote discount codes?

No. Please stay away.

Can you drive at my wedding?

Sure! If you are in Switzerland ( AG, ZH, BL, SO, ZG, TG, SG or SH ) or in Germany ( BW ) close to the boarder to Switzerland send me a message and I'll get back to you. 

Can I buy your bus or bug?

Nice try. No.

Was it difficult to get your bus on to the road in Switzerland and where do you get it serviced?

No, it was not difficult. If you have any issues passing the MFK test in Switzerland, I know the right people and garages. And I am glad to share. I also have a list of no-go garages. Just send me a message. 

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