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Furka and Grimsel Pass 2021 with @carswithluke

02.10.2021 - Supercars and me in the Alps

McLaren, Porsche, Ferrari and Meeeee :-)

You might know Luke him from his YouTube videos or his pictures on his Instagram channel. Yes, he vlogs about supercars. He is like Supercar Blondie in in bold. And when he invited to an end of season drive in the alps, I immediately said yes! I came to the meeting point at the bottom of the Grimsel Pass with my bug. :-) My supercar. When more and more "real" supercars came to the meeting point, the bug stuck out like a sore thumb. In a good way. Between McLaren and Ferrari it was something different :-P.

First we drove over the Grimsel Pass (2164m) and then the Furka Pass (2436m). We passed by the Belvedere Hotel Instagram photo spot. Of course I had to take a picture of the bug in front of the hotel, which by the way is closed since a few years. After the Furka Pass the road brought us back down to Andermatt and from there I headed back home.

It was a wonderful day out in the mountains and the bug really was able to shine! All mountain roads were mastered perfectly!

Check out the video that Luke made about the day. See below.

Thanks Luke for bringing us together for a wonderful end of season drive in the mountains.


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