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What is JanGoesPlaces working on in the winter, when the cars are resting?

The winter is long. Especially if you have two old VWs waiting for the season to get going again. During the winter I had to take the VW bug to the Swiss motor vehicle check. I need to go there every 2 years with the bug. After failing the test, I had to do some modifications and and then managed to pass the second check. I am now ready for the new season 2023!

The winter also allows time for other projects. And as I love working on websites, I got a new project going, namely: . On LiveWebcamMap you have a world map and pins where all webcams are. Just imagine you have Google Live View on Google Maps. You can watch live webcams showing animals, cities, airports, nature, railways, cruise ports and more. Either you zoom in to see the webcams that are available in that area or you filter to only see the webcams with specific topics like animals or airports or railways. If you want to make your own category, you can log in and create your own list. Always when you came back to you can see your favourite live webcams!

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